Bromite Android Browser

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What is Bromite?

Bromite is a Web Browser for Android, a Chromium fork with ad blocking and privacy enhancements. Obviously it’s a “FOSS/FLOSS” project and is an excellent alternative to the default browser or Google Chrome for Android.

Official Website: https://www.bromite.org/

Source code: https://github.com/bromite/bromite


You can install Bromite in several ways:


Bromite requires no special configuration, by default it has everything needed to protect Privacy while browsing, anyway, like all applications it has some limitations, see: Privacy Limitations, as always a lot depends on how you use it :) s However, let’s go to see some interesting settings, also this browser offers the possibility to use the “user scripts”, for example you can use these scripts for automatic redirection to alternative privacy frontends for Reddit, Twitter and many other services.


In the settings main page we can see all the settings divided in two sections: Basics and Advanced:

alt text

alt text

Search Engine

Under Search engine section there are some default search engines you can select, which the defaults are as follows: “Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, DuckDuckGo Light, and Ecosia

alt text

You can also add our favorite search engine which implements OpenSearch, to do so, perform a search with the chosen search engine, after which it will be available in the settings, in the example, I added a SearXNG public instance:

alt text

See: https://github.com/bromite/bromite/wiki/SearchEngines

Privacy and Security

In this section you can make some changes related to Privacy and Security:

alt text

Clear browsing data -> Delete temporary files:

alt text

secure DNS -> Enable DNS over HTTPS (DoH), to set up your preferred DoH server, enter the server hostname/provider URL under Chose another provider -> Custom:

alt text

Incognito mode -> Enable the Incognito mode with some other settings:

alt text

Ad Blocking -> Enable/disable the built-in Ad Block feature of Bromite:

alt text

Bromite offers a good default block-list, but other lists can be used or you can create your personalized lists, see: Bromite Custom Ad Block filters, filtrite.

In the Advanced section you can find very useful settings:

Homepage -> Set your preferred Home Page:

alt text

Site settings -> Block/unlock the parameters relating to communication with web sites (cookie settings, camera, microphone etc.):

alt text

alt text

Here you can deactivate/activate JIT and JavaScript:

alt text

alt text

Also you can set up parameters relating to Timezone override:

alt text

User Scripts -> Bromite offers us the opportunity to upload javascript files to perform automatic operations, files must be inserted in the format: <name>.user.js. For example, you can upload a file for redirect social media platforms to their privacy respecting frontends, see: privacy-redirector.

alt text

Note: BE CAREFUL of the files you load, run third-party JavaScript code can be very dangerous, always check the file you are uploading.




Can JavaScript be used to install malware?

System WebView

Android uses Android System WebView (ASW) to display web information in all apps, is a Google Chrome-powered system component and is pre-installed on your device, with Bromite you can replace the default one, the operation is not so simple but you can find detailed instructions in the Bromite wiki: https://github.com/bromite/bromite/wiki/Installing-SystemWebView

See: What Is the Android System WebView and What Can You Do With It?

Other Android Privacy Browsers

Bromite is a great project, however there are other good open source browsers for Android:

Tor Browser - Tor Browser for Android.

Fennec F-Droid - Fennec F-Droid is based on the latest Firefox release (codenamed Fenix).

Mull - A privacy hardened browser, fork of Fennec F-Droid.

Privacy Browser - An open source Android web browser focused on user privacy.

FOSS Browser - A fully free (as in freedom) open source Android browser.

monocles browser - A open source privacy respecting android browser.

Vanadium - Privacy and security enhanced releases of Chromium for GrapheneOS.


Bromite Official Website: https://www.bromite.org

GitHub Project: https://github.com/bromite/bromite

Bromite FAQ: https://github.com/bromite/bromite/blob/master/FAQ.md

Bromite wiki: https://github.com/bromite/bromite/wiki


Chromium Project: https://www.chromium.org/Home/

GitHub Bromite: https://github.com/bromite/bromite

GNU General Public License: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html

SearXNG Metasearch engine: https://github.com/searxng/


This is a guide on how to use Bromite Web Browser for Android, I am not part of the team nor am I affiliated in any way with the Bromite project.