Hi, I am brainf+ck and I am a Hacker, not for skills, I definitely have a long way to go, but I am a Hacker because I try to understand how things work, and I try to improve them, whether it is an operating system, a program or an object that I use everyday.

My studies are mainly about Operating Systems, Penetration Testing and Networking, I like to study an operating system, or a system in general, and solve its security issues.

I use almost exclusively GNU/Linux Operating Systems, and I have been an Arch Linux user for years, Arch Linux philosophy has led me to know the KISS principle, which I try to apply in programming and in problem solving, simple concept but very complex to master. I’m a supporter of Free Open Source Software, the basic concept is: if you can’t read the source code of an application, you can’t know what it really does once started (unless reverse engineering is performed on the code).

I have a particular interest in alternative and decentralized networks such as Tor and P2P networks, because I think that the Internet as we know it today is no longer sustainable in terms of privacy and security, and we need an alternative solution.